There are many aspects of this program that I enjoyed, and the teaching staff was one of the most enjoyable and effective. Profesora Alma Delia Blas is a gem.  She is very informative and fun.  She is the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon through the city or a lesson in Mexican cooking...I felt honored to meet and pass some time with her... Doctora Adai Montesinos is an excellent doctor. Some of what concerned me about Mexican medicine was the lack of patient centered care.  But that wasn't the case with Adai.  She was considerate, informative and respectful.  I learned a lot observing her. I learned a lot in both hospital and clinic... Our homestay accommodation was wonderfully rich. What insight into the Mexican family and what a welcoming!  I felt at home and joyous to return every day and re-group with the family... "Working" lunch (at El Escapulario) was also a great time to re-group with the clan and learn some Spanish. I always looked forward to it.... I loved our trip to the outlying craft towns. It was lovely - wouldn't have wanted it any other way... Alan, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the experience. You have created an excellent program that I will suggest to my family and friends. Thank you! Kate
PS - if you ever need to provide a contact for an interested client you are welcome to give my email.
Kate M. University of Washington Physician Assistant student

Medical Spanish Immersion is a resounding success and a great opportunity to practice pre-existing language skills or develop new ones. Thanks again for organizing everything and serving as an excellent resource and guide during our time in Oaxaca." 
Jeff D. UNC-CH medical student, Medical Spanish Immersion

Adai is an amazing teacher and very easy to communicate with.  I will keep in touch with her in the future. While she was consulting with patients, she would teach us more about medicine at the same time. I really enjoyed my experience at the hospital and learned a lot while I was there. Alma Delia was also wonderful!  She was easy to understand and a joy to talk to and I will keep in touch with her in the future. Adai's clinic was my favorite to work in.  My home-stay accommodation was great.  Araceli was a caring and generous host with an amazing ability to cook. The cooking class with cocinera Mayo Tapia was one of my favorite parts... a big part of the trip was learning about Mexican culture.  I really enjoyed (our trips from) Oaxaca to see new and different sites.  Also, Alan is an incredible teacher and the concern and kindness he has towards his students is obvious.
P. B., medical student, Duke University Medical School

Profesora Alma Delia Blas was SOOO great!!!  I learned so much from the sessions I had with Profesora Blas. I appreciated every lesson she gave! I appreciated Profesor Max Peralta's approach of starting very elementary and working up. Also, he was very good at leading us students through exercises. Cocinera Mayo's cooking class was quite impressive.  I had no idea Mexican food was so difficult/time consuming to make!!!  It made me appreciate all the food Araceli had made for us!!  I really enjoyed the cooking class! Claire S., medical student, Duke University Medical School

Profesora Alma Delia Blas  is a 10! I especially enjoyed the small group work with Alma Delia. I could tell that she has had many years of experience teaching Spanish. She was easy to understand, interactive, and very patient! ... Profesor Max Peralta Lopez was also great in small group... It was great practice to interview patients about their health conditions. Moreover, I gained new some new insights regarding cultural considerations and health care... Our cooking class with Maestra Mayo was a relaxing as well as educational activity. (How about two cooking classes instead of one?)... I really enjoyed going to other towns and going to the markets. (Our visit to the ruins at) Monte Alban was a great opportunity to learn about the history of the place. Overall the class was great experience. Kristi B., Nurse Practitioner, Duke Medical Center

"(I joined Medical Spanish Immersion for lunch one day) and had more opportunity to speak Spanish than I'd had in two weeks at one of Oaxaca's premier Spansh schools. Right then and there, I wanted to quit the school and join Medical Spanish Immersion."  Psychiatric social worker, K.L., North Carolina

Profesor Alma Delia was a great and patient teacher. She took much of her personal time to help us learn and show us around Oaxaca, not to mention inviting us into her home... Dra. Adai Montesinos was very educational to follow in clinic and  a patient teacher... Profesor Max was absolutely perfect and I spent most of my time with him due to my beginning level. He moved at our pace and adapted very well to our needs and the concerns we had with language.  I loved that he didn't limit our lessons to solely grammar, and what he offered was well done, exacting, and most helpful, along with being a wonderful and loving person  I am glad to know... Araceli's family was wonderful, helpful and very kind.  Their family was a great contribution to my experience... Our luncheons were extremely useful and helpful. Conversationally, it was wonderful and one of the best ways I learned... I enjoyed Monte Alban and your commentary. I wouldn't mind if there were another "day off" trip.  I would prefer to do non-tourist friendly things with you, like San Martin. Wonderful!  That experience was priceless and very valuable. I loved this experience... All I have are many thank you's.  Brandea M, University of Washington Physician Assistant student

"I've been studying with Alan for four years. He loves teaching and has a wealth of knowledge about customs and different countries and political situations. He explains the background of words, the roots of words, and it ties everything together and you just learn it. He paints the picture so beautifully. Alan is the best teacher I've ever had."   Nancy C. (Chapel Hill Hispanic Outreach Home Health Care Nurse)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program... Excellent.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff enjoyed having us and enjoyed teaching us. Plenty of hands on experience. (Lead clinical teacher) Adai Montesinos M.D. was excellent  - friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping teach both medicine and medical Spanish.". Chad H., Medical student, Duke University Medical School

"Dear Alan, Thanks for such a great experience. (Lead clinical teacher) Adai Montesinos M.D. was great. A 10! My homestay accommodation with Sra. Tayde Chassin and Sr. Daniel Jimenez Cruz was a really good experience. They were so welcoming. Another 10! (Culturally, our exploration of the archeological ruins at) Monte Alban was a highlight of the trip." David E., medical student, Duke University Medical School

"My home-stay accommodation was very rich. Senora Teri was very warm and welcoming, and at times insightful. The grandchildren, in particular, gave us a nice perspective on Mexican family life, as did Senora Teri's own children... The program was very well set up. Thank you." Adam B., Keck Medical School

Comments by non-medical participants

"Learning Spanish is a lifelong challenge, but Alan makes it such a pleasure. We feel like 6-year-olds just crawling out into a new world. It winds up totally changing your outlook. We're in a world we've never been in before. This man Alan Archibald is the best teacher you'll ever find. Every Fall, I spend six weeks attending a Spanish language Institute in Oaxaca, Mexico. As much as I love the Institute, I always look forward to getting back into Alan's class."   The Honorable Alonzo "Lonnie" Coleman  (District Court Judge, Orange County, North Carolina)

"This was a great trip! We've got to do it again."   Arthur C. (Retired U.S. Air Force General)

"This trip was even better than I'd hoped!"   Janet A. (Retired school teacher, Rochester, New York)

"Thanks again for a wonderful vacation!  We really enjoyed our Yucatan Adventure tour, and it was everything we had hoped for and more.  The tour had a great combination of places to visit, from the bustling city of Merida to the fascinating Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, to the tranquil beaches of Isla Mujeres.  Isla Mujeres was a great way to cap the trip, especially with that terrific feast we had when we side-tripped to Isla Contoy for snorkeling.  We can't wait to experience some of your other itineraries. Sounds fun!!!"   Rob Dickinson, Chief Engineering Officer, Novation Biosciences.

"Thanks again for a memorable vacation.  It was a great learning experience and a perfect mix of culture, language, and fun!"  
Christina S. (Managing Accountant, Sun Microsystems)